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Jornal Online da UBI, da Covilhã, da Região e do Resto
Director: João Canavilhas Director-adjunto: Anabela Gradim
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students at the Ski Park

Caloiro and Erasmus high above trip

UBI freshmen are showed the Portugal’s attractions. On Saturday, 15 students participated to ‘Passeio do Caloiro’ trip. The Erasmus and first-year learners visited Serra de Estrela and climbed up to Torre.

> Diana-Adela Ionita (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

"The excursion was opened to any UBI student as a chance to make friends, have fun and see the beautiful sights from the region", said Luis Fernandes, the president of Associação Académica da Universidade da Beira Interior (AAUBI).
When they met at the University, the weather seemed pretty warm and just perfect for a trip. The tourists left Covilhã at 10 o’clock in the morning, with two cars. After admiring the mountain streams and lakes view and taking panoramic photos, the students tried some typical products of the region, as the famous Serra de Estrela savory herbaceous raw sheep milk cheese, made with cardoon thistle, raw sheep's milk and salt, smoked products and the specific home made cake. They all played with the Estrela breed of livestock mountain guardian dog. The students admired the craftsmanship of the region: wicker baskets, embroidered cotton, wool and leather coats, caps, toys and shoes. "It was a unique occasion to get to know Portuguese world better; not only a nice outdoor trip, but also an inside journey to the place's culture and traditions. I would have bought a typical dog form Serra de Estrela but it's difficult to go with it home, in Romania", explained Andra, Erasmus student at Sciences of Communication.
In the evening, after visiting the Torre, the apprentices had a barbecue together. They prepared the meal, told jokes and talked about UBI students’ life. Caloiros were very interested in knowing some tips and tricks, finding out how the teachers are and how difficult the exams will be. Erasmus students practiced their Portuguese with their new friends. As the sun came down, the cold mountain climate has forbidden the excursionists to stay longer. On their way back to Covilhã, they stopped at the Ski Park, where they took their first ski lessons ever. After the students were given the appropriate equipment, two teachers showed them the basic moves. They help the beginners to succeed in staying up on their way down on the artificial snow slope. "It was a great experience and I enjoyed it a lot. I felt a few times, but it was a good start. I think more caloiros (freshmen) should have come to try this", said Joana, first-year student form Medicine.
The journey was followed by a night party with drinks and roast chestnuts in the Bar da Associação. The excursion was organized by AAUBI, and each participant paid 5 euros.

> ana @ hotmail . com em 2008-11-24 17:36:33
Isto agora é um jornal internacional!? Muito bom... Viva a língua portuguesa, viva o facilitismo para os outros.

> bruorona @ gmail . com em 2008-11-25 08:53:09
Muito bom!!! jornal multicultural!!! E´muito bom viver em uma cidade onde existe o Espirito Erasmus!!! Parabens ao jornal!!

students at the Ski Park
students at the Ski Park

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