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CCD Oriental de São Martinho, Rua Conselheiro Santos Viegas, 38 to 40, 6200 - 385, Covilhã, portugal

Come and meet Oriental de São Martinho

> Ana-Maria Matei (Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza)

The CCD Oriental de São Martinho from Covilhã was founded in 1954 and originated from a group of young men that just wanted “jogar-à-bola” ( to play football). The sportive results were valuable and important and it did not take too long for this group to come into prominence and to motivate other people to join.

The need to support the youth in their education was necessary and the club began to give impulse to projects like “Uma Hora de Estudo” (One hour study) and “A Maltinha do AEIOU” (The group of the AEIOU).

Oriental has a very strong cultural component, in which it promotes the education of the children. During fourteen years, A Sala dos Tempos Livres (Free Time Room) helped the associates´ children to complement their school activities.  And with the help of these children, thirty five in number, Grupo Coral Infantil (The Coral Group) was founded, a project that got help from a lot of persons and that lead to a CD, “Levados da Breca”. Is worthy to be mentioned also Grupo de Cantares (The Chanting Group), part of the activities with some consistency, and that has been presenting itself all over the city and surroundings as well. Related also to this cultural area, there is also A Escola de Mùsica (The Music School), where children are taught to play several instruments.

CCD Oriental de São Martinho also organises some History Routes, in fact itineraries that give to people the opportunity to know more about their patrimony.

When it is about sports, Oriental has a lot of regular activities within this area. The Gymnastics section, for people of all ages, is a space of body treatment with the due technical responsibility. The football team has been representing the Group with great dignity, as the volleyball team did too.

The table tennis section is responsible for the organization of local, national and international tournaments, which have brought an enormous contribution to Covilhã. Chess and the checkers sections are also important activities held within the Group, organizing regular tournaments, always with a great success.

When it comes about entertainment, a wide range of offers is available. As Marchas Populares (juvenile and adult sections) are a socio-cultural activity with a major importance and it is always represented with greatness by Oriental de São Martinho. With several first prizes achieved, this activity involves a number of about 160 people that devote an extreme dedication to the Group.

Os Santos Populares (The Popular Saints) are celebrated every year, as tradition requires. Music, typical Portuguese food and great entertainment are the key elements of an extremely pleasant atmosphere. During the year, some special programmes are organizes for special dates or seasons, like Matança do Porco (Killing the pig), Magusto, Dia do Pai (Father´s Day), Dia do Trabalhador (The Worker´s Day), Dia da Mãe (Mother´s Day), and so on.

Nevertheless, the Oriental´s work has no intention to stop. They are always planning activities, adapting them and making them as attractive as they can be for the audience. António Franco, the actual chairman of the CCD Oriental de São Martinho, declared that: “We care about making responsible plans, so that children and adults can be able to enjoy everything that an institution like ours has to offer, without selfishness or regret.”

CCD Oriental de São Martinho, Rua Conselheiro Santos Viegas, 38 to 40, 6200 - 385, Covilhã, portugal
CCD Oriental de São Martinho, Rua Conselheiro Santos Viegas, 38 to 40, 6200 - 385, Covilhã, portugal

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